A Handy New Kitchen Gift for Mother's Day 2018

A Kitchen Gadget For Mom

The perfect gift for mom this year, is an extra hand in the kitchen. If you are looking for a unique new gift that mom will actually use and appreciate, then look no further, the BoilingBeeper is new kitchen gadget that makes for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2018.

(*Helpful hint: Mother's Day this year is Sunday, May 13, 2018!)

Kitchen gadget for Mothers Day 2018

A Mother's Day Gift that Mom will actually use!

Whether your mother spent years making meals for a household of kids, or was constantly busy juggling all the chores around the house and work, the BoilingBeeper is a thank you to mom’s everywhere. Give the gift of a little extra time and peace of mind for mothers who cook and are multi-tasking throughout the household.

A new Mothers Day gift that mom will actually use in 2018.

Floats in the Pot, Beeps when it's Hot!

With the BoilingBeeper, mom doesn’t need to keep checking the pot of water to see if the water is boiling yet. She also won’t have to rush back to the pot to find that the almost all of the water has boiled away. The next time mom is heating a pot of water for pasta, hard-boiled eggs, vegetables, BoilingBeeper watches the pot so she can prepare the rest of the meal, keep an eye on the kids, or kick back and relax with her favorite TV show. When the pot of water is about to hit boiling point, the BoilingBeeper conveniently beeps to let mom know that the water is ready.

Whether mom wants to make the perfect hard boiled egg, a stress-free kitchen, a way to prevent boiling the pot dry, or just to enjoy a few extra moments with friends and family, the BoilingBeeper is an innovative and useful kitchen gadget that moms love!

Gift ideas for Mother's Day 2018.

Easy for mom to use.

The BoilingBeeper is simple and convenient for moms of any age. Simply put, it floats in the pot and beeps when it’s hot. It’s a kitchen gadget that is made from FDA approved materials and floats in any size pot of water.

When placed in water, the BoilingBeeper beeps once to let you know that it’s on. Then, when the water is boiling, BoilingBeeper will begin beeping until removed from the pot of boiling water. It turns off automatically when dry.

Surprise mom this Mother’s Day with a kitchen gadget that is brand new for 2018!

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