The BoilingBeeper™ Story

Hate waiting for water to boil?

All of a sudden it hits you. You forgot you were boiling water and you immediately race back to the kitchen to find your water boiling away. Boiling water is an annoying and frustrating task, but we believe that boiling water should be as simple as preheating an oven.

An oven beeps to let you know that it’s preheated and ready, why hasn’t anyone thought about doing this for boiling water?

Our team has created a kitchen gadget to counter the painful and time sucking chore of boiling water. Everyone knows the saying “a watched pot never boils,” but what if you didn’t have to watch your pot?

We took on the challenge of making the annoying process of boiling water simple, safe, and efficient for everyone! Having a simple kitchen gadget that alerts you when your water is boiling, saves your time from checking the pot over and over again, prevents the dangers of boiling your pot dry, and frees up your time to prepare the rest of your meal.

Instead of watching and waiting for the water to boil, the BoilingBeeper™ watches the pot for you so that you can tend to other tasks in the kitchen. More importantly, the BoilingBeeper™ will also watch that pot of water while you kick back and finish that Netflix season finale.

Whether you are a busy parent who is juggling tasks like making dinner while watching the kids, or you simply don’t feel like driving yourself crazy checking the pot of water over and over again, the BoilingBeeper was created to make boiling water convenient for everyone.

After years of developing, testing, and perfecting this handy everyday kitchen gadget, BoilingBeeper™ is now in full production and available on Boiling water is now as convenient and simple as preheating an oven. Our professional team is proud to have created another quality product that makes people’s lives easier.

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