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Do You Hate Watching And Waiting For Water To Boil?

  • Do you check the pot of water over and over again, only to see that the water is not boiling
  • Have you ever forgotten about the pot of water and rushed back to find the water boiling away?

 You Are Not Alone!

While other kitchen appliances alert you when they have pre-heated or finished cooking, boiling water has always been an uncomfortable process!

BoilingBeeper™ answers the question that we all face when we boil water... 

Is the water boiling yet?

The BoilingBeeper™ is the world’s FIRST kitchen gadget that conveniently alerts you exactly when your pot of water is boiling.

 We all have better things to do while the water is heating up!

  • Binge watching Netflix.
  • Prepping the rest of dinner.
  • Spending time with the kids.
  • Giving your pet the loving attention it's been missing all day.
  • Paying attention to your significant other.
  • Anything other than checking the water over and over like a maniac.

The BoilingBeeper™ conveniently alerts you when your water boiling. Instead of wasting your time standing watching the pot, or forgetting about your pot of water, enjoy being alerted exactly when your water begins to boil. 

Set yourself free from watching your pot of water and give yourself more free time to be more productive or even just relax.

1. Place the BoilingBeeper™ in your pot of water and turn up the heat.

2. Do what you want without watching the pot!

Set yourself free from watching the pot. Prep the rest of dinner, hang out with the kids, or just kick back and relax without forgetting about the pot.

3. Beep! Beep! Beep!

BoilingBeeper™ beeps when your water is boiling. Safely remove it from the pot and you're ready to go! The BoilingBeeper™ will continue to beep until removed from the water.

You'll Never Boil Water The Same Way Again!


  • FDA Approved Food-Safe Materials: Food grade, BPA, and Phthalate free materials.
  • Auto ON/OFF: Water activated sensors on the bottom of the BoilingBeeper™ automatically turn on in water, and off when dry. 
  • Stay-Cool Ergonomic Top: Easy to grab from the pot
  • Water Activated Sensor: beeps to let you know that it's ON
  • Floats In Any Size Pot: Buoyant in any size pot.
  • Beeps When Water Boils:  Also works at high altitudes where boiling points are as low as 203℉ (95℃).

The BoilingBeeper™ is a simple, yet innovative kitchen device that we have rigorously tested to ensure our final product exceeds your expectations.

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